Interpersonal Communication In Psychology

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Imagine a world without communication. A world without communication would be pure chaos. Communication is such a broad word and has many different branches. Interpersonal communication is one of the things that branches off of communication. Interpersonal communication is very important to our everyday lives. They are people skills, and these skills are used with interactions between two people to make connections. I chose this topic because I was interested in looking further into interpersonal communication. I am planning to go into the psychology field and interpersonal communication is a very important skill to have for that career. Interpersonal skills are important to the study of communication, relate to the work of a psychologist, and they can be verbal and non-verbal.
First, interpersonal skills are important to the study of communication. There are three interactions that interpersonal communication can be used in: superior-subordinate relationships, coworker relationships, and customer-client relationships.(Quintanilla,Wahl, 129) Communication skills are important to every relationship. …show more content…

Effective interpersonal communication skills are very important in the psychology work field. Psychologists are health-care providers that council and asses in treating mental and emotional disorders.(Mahuron) Communication is one hundred percent key to a psychologist. They communicate with their clients to council them. They must actively listen and comprehend what clients tell them, and be able to speak clearly with clients about sensitive issues.(Mahuron) Being a psychologist, you must create a relationship with your client and build trust. using interpersonal communication will create an effective way to create this trusting relationship. Interpersonal communication helps create professional connections with clients, therefor interpersonal communication relates to the work of a

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