Jackie Kennedy's Influence

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Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, was the First Lady to President John F. Kennedy from 1961-1963 before his assassination. She inspired the world culturally and politically. Jackie Kennedy not only goes down in history for being a First Lady of the United States, but she was also a loyal wife, brave mother, fashion icon, successful editor, and a cultural inspiration.
Before her marriage and time serving as First Lady to the United States, Jackie was very accomplished and grew up from a wealthy family. She was a multi-time national champion in horse riding, a ballerina, and an excellent student. In her college years, she even spent two semesters studying abroad in France. She spoke three languages, French, Italian, and Spanish. Her first …show more content…

“She’s the only First Lady that’s been so well loved on every continent. She was like royalty,” said Steven Porterfield, an appraiser on PBS’s “Antiques Roadshow” and owner of The Cat’s Meow vintage store in Midland, Texas. “She worked really hard at it. She wasn’t a frivolous person; she was very brilliant. The reason her fashions are so popular is because the type of person she was.” She brought the A line dress to popularity, the pillbox hat, and Chanel suit. Jackie Kennedy forever left her mark in the fashion world. “When a woman is glamorous, it often stops there. With Jackie, it stopped with her big sunglasses and jet-setting image. But there were a lot of brains under that pillbox hat,” said Tina Santi Flaherty, author of What Jackie Taught Us: Lessons From the Remarkable Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis”. Jackie’s classic style made a huge impact to the social world, woman, mothers, and wives idolized her …show more content…

Jackie Kennedy is an inspiration because she successfully served as many roles like First Lady, mother, wife, and fashion icon. Even before her time as First Lady, Jackie was an accomplished and educated woman. She was a strong mother, a faithful wife, and an icon. “She wanted to be beautiful and elegant, but she also didn’t want to tower over diplomats who came from other countries, so she began wearing shorter heels,” Porterfield said. Jackie was smart and thoughtful. Not many woman go down in history for being so successful in that many roles. Jackie Kennedy will always be remembered as one of the first modern woman in

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