Jackie Robinson's Dream

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Dylan Dessner
Mrs. Chung
14 April, 2016
One Day I Want To Be…….. Many people in their childhood wanted to be a fireman, policeman or an athlete, but is the dream you really want at the end of the day. When I was two or three years old I did what everyone else did, go to a birthday party at the firehouse then your favorite characters from a show comes out with a fireman, or on Christmas night the fire trucks drive to my street and give out candy canes to everyone, but when I grew older I knew I had to go to college and then get a job, and grow up from the past events in my life. My parents dream for me in the future is to be successful and to them being successful is getting a full time job, I express the same interest as they do for
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One of the most known historical baseball players in the MLB was Jackie Robinson. In his life he broke the color barrier for all sports including baseball, one of the most famous quotes he had said in his career was A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. This quote is what influences are known for, making impacts on other people’s lives throughout the world, even though Jackie Robinson was called names and was stereotyped by people in the stands and other baseball players he still played the game the right way. In my life I was able to see many influences, but one of the biggest influences in my life are my parents. Today, there still lots of influences, even though roadblocks hold me back and make me do bad decision’s. During school it might be boring to do work but at the end we all learn new things. Also, many of us get lectured from our parents about a bad grade or a poor decision, but after middle school or high school the advice pays off to know about. Even though, lots of people know what they did and might be honest with the choice they made and that will help them with avoiding the roadblocks of knowing they were lying to the parent. To avoid the roadblocks is to do the right thing and make the better choice. My parents dream include getting good grades while making the good decisions. One quote by an unknown person said “ Move out of your comfort zone you can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when u try sometimes”. As my parents dream of getting good grades, they also want me to learn new things. To be successful is going to be hard and challenging step with hard work.
When the time will come I will think about the influences that got me to the point I am
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