Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction

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Abstract Job satisfaction is one of the important elements in organizational psychology. Several contributors could be identified in order to enhance the level of jobs satisfaction because higher job satisfaction will lead to better job performance. This study aimed to explore the contributors of job satisfaction among the employees in an oil and gas company in Malaysia. A qualitative approaches was used in this study whereby a focus group interview was conducted on three respondents. A thematic data analysis was used in order to identify the major theme (contributors) of job satisfaction. The study found two major themes (a) Intrinsic aspects (Achievement, recognition and work itself) and (b) Extrinsic aspects (Interpersonal relationship,…show more content…
For further study, we recommend to identify the contributors of jobs satisfaction between different departments due to different views and opinions on job satisfaction between technical and administration…show more content…
According to the theory, factors that affect job satisfaction can be divided into two factors, which are motivational (intrinsic) and hygiene (extrinsic) factors. Moreover, based on the research findings, Herzberg and his colleagues explained that job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction are two separate dimensions that not exist on the same continuum. To explain on job satisfaction, if a person has high job satisfaction, the opposite site of it is low or no job satisfaction. It is the same applied to job dissatisfaction, where if a person has high job dissatisfaction, the opposite site of it is low or no job dissatisfaction. Some examples of motivational (intrinsic) factors are achievement, recognition, the work itself, responsibility, and advancement. Meanwhile, examples of hygiene (extrinsic) factors are supervision, interpersonal relations, physical working conditions, salary, company policy and administration, benefits and job security (Stello,

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