Jonas 'Change In The Giver'

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Imagine no color, no feelings, but knowing they exist, you just can 't have it. Well that how Jonas the receiver of memory feels, “It 's just that... without the memories it 's all meaningless.” (133) He would do anything including leave the community and possibly die, just to return the memories. Everyone in the community follows strict restricting rules and are deprived of many joys in life, but they don’t realize. These restrictions include no color, no feelings, climate control, not real family, no animals, the list goes on and on. Jonas is a determined 12, which is his age as well as his level of education, who takes on a task no one should have to bear; all the memories. This means he hold some of the most beautiful memories as well …show more content…

Jonas 's departure changed the book for the better, giving the ending a extra and essential flair. Without him leaving the story would have no ending. Lowry would have left using the dark about the communities future. There is a turning point in of sorts when Jonas realizes nothing can be changed. That they would be stuck in a feeling less loop when babies and elders were killed. "Now it was ominous. It meant, he knew, that nothing could be changed." (113) This crucial part of "The Giver" changes the ending completely, because it puts the idea of change in Jonas 's head. Without this moment he would have lived his life as a giver without being able to truly help the community. Jonas leaving not only gave the book a ending, but it also gave hope to the citizens of …show more content…

The final and most pressing reason Jonas needed to leave is for love, for color. Everyone in the community was leading dull emotionless lives and they did not realize it. Jonas realized the importance of these things, the beauty of color, the amazingness of love. He and the Giver knew the misery of living without it. "Do you know that I no longer see colors? Jonas 's heart broke." This shows how amazing colors are and how hard Jonas knows it would be to lose them. The concept of love confuses Jonas greatly. He states his confusion when he says "what if they were allowed to choose their own mate? And choose wrong?" Then Jonas continues to laugh about the prospect of being allowed to choose other things in life. This shows that even with feelings, they are still hard to comprehend, after spending so many years without them. Since Jonas left the community, he gave the future generation chance to experience the feelings that other

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