Kim Roemig: Why I Deserve To Be A Hero

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One person who deserves to be a hero in my mind is Kim Roemig who went to a two year college at Kirkwood Community college to become a Cardiology Nurse. Yet, when she started she had no idea that she would end up doing that profession. It didn’t her until she was in her last year that she wanted to be a nurse. Finally, she graduated college and got her first job as a Cardiology Nurse Assistant at Mercy Care in Cedar Rapids. She has been a nurse for 17 years now, and is one of the best around. This is why she is a hero. The heart in a man beats 70 times a minute on average. But, one man from Cedar Rapids wasn’t so lucky. He came up just short. It was just a normal afternoon in the life of Kim Roemig, a Cardiology Nurse in Cedar Rapids, when one of her final patients of the day came in. Just as they were waiting to get his medicine, something didn’t feel right. Kim got this instinct that there was something wrong. This man had a heart attack just as the door closed to the Emergency Room, where she pushed him because she knew that something felt different. If it hadn’t have been for Kim, this man would not be with us right now. Itś crystal clear that she deserves to be a hero. …show more content…

Just an average day consists of taking people’s blood pressure, listening to their lungs, starting iv’s and getting to run stress tests on people. There’s a whole lot more to go with that list too. Now being a nurse can be very dangerous, but isn’t that what hero’s do? Heroism involves quality of life, society, and your wellness of your body risk. All of those categories apply to Kim. She faces many obstacles at work like, getting diseases from being in the room with them, getting blood diseases from drawing blood, and the major one, giving someone the wrong medicine. These all are contributing factors that make someone a

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