Essay On Latino American Women

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Select a recent, local, national, or international problem and explain why it is meaningful to you. How do you anticipate your college experience and your pursuit of your intended major/academic interest will help you develop a greater understanding of this issue?

An issue close to my own heart is one that affects women on a local, national, and international level. Misrepresentation and underrepresentation of women in the media is something that has been around since media of any form first started, but despite the ever-growing diversity of our nation and the world, the staggeringly low number of women in mainstream media has only gotten marginally better. Women, especially those who are apart of other minorities (IE. Latino American women, …show more content…

We all know the stereotypes— the pro-organic hippies, the supermoms, the sex kittens, the nasty corporate climbers- they’re commonplace in our media and limit the types of women that girls are exposed to at all ages. Women who excel in business are seen as angry and ruthless, …show more content…

This issue is important to me personally because other than my own mother, I had very few positive female role models or even models of successful females in my life. I was taught that finding a man, staying pretty, and never being too rude or overbearing was the best way to live life, lesson that were ingrained in me by Disney princess movies, sitcoms, and even cartoons. Through my major in Communications and Advertising, I hope to learn more about why this trend of male dominance and female archetype grouping in media is still being perpetuated in the first place, and more importantly, I hope to learn about how to avoid prolonging these types of harmful stereotypes in my own work in advertising and

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