Learning Disabilities Challenges

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There are a few problems that are faced to educate the public about learning disabilities because it differs from one child to another. They have their own disabilities in learning such as reading, writing and memorising. It is also a problem for the parents with child who has a learning disability because no parents want to see their children suffer with problems. The children are not to be blame as they are innocent and did not choose to be born that way. On the other hand, some people judge these children having no future and it is a burden to teach them. This is actually wrong for them to have that kind of point of view as there are always a way to solve a problem. One of the problems is that people usually wonder what it could mean for …show more content…

Another thing is that a lack of parents or teacher involvement in early childhood can cause the problem to be even worse.
Overcoming challenges faced by the educators in teaching children with learning disabilities There are also challenges faced by the educators in teaching people with learning disabilities. It takes courage and patience to teach them as they are quite slow in learning and interpreting new information. We should respect educators that educate children with learning disabilities because they are rewarded with abundance of patience and positive values.
As professional educators, it is important to eliminate problems and serve all children and youth with special learning needs. The world around us is in a rapid and continuous state of changes. Therefore, it is important that the schools prepare all students to identify, analyse, and resolve problems as they need to develop a character as the firm basis.
Greater levels of educational support is necessary if we are to accommodate the expanding education requirements. Meeting the educational needs of all students is becoming more difficult. It is because there has been an increase in the number of children and youth who are unable to learn adequately in the general education …show more content…

We all realize that learning problems do not develop suddenly. Research shows there is a positive correlation between the age at which intervention occurs and the level of success which can be expected as a result of the intervention. This suggests that it is at the early elementary school level that organized and systematic intervention prepares children for the more formal and demanding structure of later grades.
Other than that, parents should be deeply involved in their children education plan. An appropriate way to assure parental involvement is the parent advisory boards to assist schools in determining ways to involve parents in their children's education. The establishment of school-parent programs to develop an atmosphere of a home which is conducive for academic purpose has been found to increase supervised homework, encourage parent-child conversations about school and everyday events, encourage reading and reduce non-productive television

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