Urbanization In Urban India Essay

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the climate. In last five years, we saw a drastic change in the climate of our country. It is mostly due to global warming. Also if the pollution goes on increasing at this rate, then people will face more health issues in future. India is facing so many difficulties in managing the Urbanization. So we need a proper plan to manage the population in the urban area. The following may be the most important in managing urbanization: Urban Governance, Inclusive cities, planning, funding, capacity building and low-income housing. India also needs to start a process where the urban issues are debated with the evolution of meaningful solutions. Governance in Urban India Reforms should be done to enable true devolution of responsibilities and power…show more content…
Regulations should be planned to manage densities and check migration. It will Limit the supply of land and requires many households to consume more land than they would choose. It drives urban sprawl and pushes the price up of land and delivery cost of service for everybody. High cost for parking, setbacks, elevators, coverage limits, reservations for clubs, etc. prevents the low-income people to choose how much to consume of the costly resources to meet their needs and meet the legal requirements. People through informality get land or houses in metropolitan cities. While lower income groups pay heavily for shelter and they are deprived of normal property rights, and their investments are far riskier than the well-off. Chronic informality discourages the investments in health, education, and housing improvements. The lower classes themselves need to improve on their a lot and contribute to the national economy. Planning of Cities India needs to do urban planning in a central, rigorous fact base, respected function, investing in skilled people, and innovative to meet the requirements of urban. It can be done through a “cascaded” plan in which large cities should have twenty year and forty year plans at the metropolitan level which are binding on municipal plans. A proper planning should be done for the cities as per floor space per people. It should focus on linking public transportation with all locations for providing affordable houses to low-income groups. These plans need to be detailed, enforceable and

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