Marketing Strategy And Assignment: What's 'Starbucks'

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Assignment 1

1) Firm’s orientation
Starbucks is a market orientated company that delivers what customers want and the drawback for that is high prices when compared to other coffee shops. In Starbucks the customer is expected to have the chance to customize his/her order according to his/her needs. Moreover, for more customer satisfaction Starbucks have provided a secret menu for even more compatibility with customer needs.
2) Mission statement
“To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

3) Objectives + critique the objectivies

Starbucks objectives are categorized in different standards and scales.
Coffee purchasing – That ensures 100% of the coffee is sourced.
• This method
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• 24h service
• kids oriented menu Threats
• The availability of Arabian coffee that is much cheaper
• A tax increase • •

5) Competitive Advantage of Starbucks

Starbucks has a unique marketing strategy, the way they advertise is word to mouth. What they do is they purposely misspell people’s names on coffee cups, so people can take photos of them a post them online (this would be free advertisement). It relies more on giving a unique experience to the customers and less on bragging about itself.

Starbucks focuses on product quality; they offer rich coffee beans and a delicious taste. They offer great customer satisfaction; employees do their best to please the customer.

Starbucks is also environmentally friendly. The products they use are made from recycled materials like there tissues and cups, other coffee shop does not do that.
Key competitors
Starbucks main competitors are Caribou Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,
Costa Coffee, and Dunkin Donuts.

6) Some ways to better compete in the market

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First, Starbucks faithful customers seem to purchase Starbucks coffee each and every day and that is enough to justify why the choice of Starbucks is a routine choice more than anything else. To illustrate, Starbucks offers coffee that if you get used to it then you cannot go back. Therefore, a Starbucks customer might not think twice when buying a coffee since he/ she got use it and believed that this particular coffee from Starbucks is the one that is going to let my body feel awake and less wrecked even at day night. Second, linking is what causing some people to choice Starbucks quite often. To clarify, some Starbucks customers have reached a believe that whenever I have headache then I probably need a Starbucks coffee that is available in every corner to restore my energy. All in all, consumer Decision Making for Starbucks: it will take less risk, more knowledge, more product experience, and confidences in decision which will make it need less information search (duration). In Starbucks, the consumer will make his need recognition with this main sense, the taste, because without the taste the consumer will not buy from

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