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Hudson Taylor and Mary Slessor, missionaries that impacted their societies, have many similarities and differences that divide and bring them together. This paper will tell you about these missionary 's background, missionary work, and impact. Mary Slessor and Hudson Taylor both had very different backgrounds. First of all, Mary Slessor was born into a very poor family, in Aberdeen, Scotland. While Hudson Taylor was born into a very rich family in Barnsley, England. Secondly, Mary 's focus had been on God and faith since the start, but Hudson Taylor 's focus was originally on worldly things. Hudson Taylor attended a high-class school getting lots of education. Mary Slessor didn 't go to school until she was eleven, and she went to school for only six hours a day in a cotton mill, getting almost no education. Mary Slessor was a Christian since the age of eleven, while Hudson Taylor didn 't become a Christian till he was sixteen. Next, Mary Slessor started work at a cotton…show more content…
These two missionaries, both had very similar impacts on their mission fields. But their impacts only have a couple of differences. For their similarities, both their mission companies continued after Mary Slessor and Hudson Taylor 's deaths. They both impacted the inland parts of their mission country, not just the coast. And, they both are remembered in their mission country 's today. For example, there is a Mary Slessor memorial, statues of her with twins all around Nigeria, a Mary Slessor planet (Yes, a real planet), and a Mary Slessor church in Nigeria (modern day Calabar). Also, there is a Hudson Taylor trail in Ningpo, China. As for their impacting differences, Mary Slessor stopped twin killings, while Hudson Taylor stopped Women and children being treated unfairly. In conclusion , Mary Slessor and Hudson Taylor were both missionaries that changed the people of China and Calabar for the better. And they will always be remembered in the hearts of the Chinese
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