Matric Vacation Destination

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From the above graph we can clearly see that the most popular destination option for matric vacation between all the schools is Umhlanga followed by Ballito. As matric vacation is a luxury and lots of matrics want to go on vacation at the end of matric, nobody has chosen to stay at home between all four schools. We can see from the graph that the two most popular destinations are the matric vacation destinations that are the closets to Johannesburg, the place where all the matric students are from. According to one of the Central Place Theory assumptions made by Christaller, people like travelling to the place closest to them for what ever service they need, this is evident in my research as majority of students choose vacation destination closest to Johannesburg, which is Umhlanga and Ballito, Durban. According to one of Christallers theories one of his assumptions are that consumers will travel the closets distance to get to what they want, but matric vacation is a luxury so consumers are willing to travel further distances to get to a place/service they want, not need. Therefore the range of my research went as far as to Conkiti vacation in Europe. Another one of his assumptions about the theory is that people are distributed equally, but as we can see from the above graph and figures 14–18 it is obvious that people are nucleated in Umhlanga and not equally distributed. According to the above graph the main reason why all the students from the different

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