Mechanistic Organization Case Study

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In mechanistic organization, activities are divided into different groups on the basis of common nature. Works are divided among the subordinates on the basis of their skills and efficiency.The use of specialization helps for proper utilization of resources and maximization of productivity. In my previous post I have written about the features and characteristic of mechanistic organization. You can read this post if you like.
Proper discipline

In this organization structure top level management has centralized power. There is system of chain of command from top level to subordinate levels. Subordinates are responsible for their immediate superiors. Therefore, all the subordinates perform activities according to best of their ability.
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He can neither transfer job to others nor avoid it. Thus, the concerned employee needs to accomplish given job himself. It develops the feeling of self responsibility among the employees.
Effective management

It is a bureaucratic form of organization structure. In this organization, there are specific rules, regulation, policies and working system. The top level management has sole authority in decision making process. There is system of chain of command from top level to subordinate levels. Therefore, manager can manage the organization in effective way.tDisadvantages of Mechanistic Organization

Work overload on manager

In mechanistic organization there is the provision of centralized authority and decision making authority is vested in top level manager. Besides, manager needs to involve in day to day supervision and guidance. Hence it maximizes work overload on manager due to which he can not involve in creative and innovative works.
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They have no right to provide suggestion and information to managers at the time of taking decision. Only top level manager are involved in decision making process. Since limited persons are involved in decision making, there is possibility of impractical decision.
One way communication

It emphasizes in autocratic leadership. The information is communicated vertically only from top level to subordinate levels. Here only the manager provides information of instruction and guidance to subordinates. Such one way system of communication does not support for smooth functioning of the organization.
Difficult for coordination

In this structure, specific work is assigned to individuals on the basis of their skills. They perform the given task properly. However, there is no mechanism of maintaining coordination over their performance. Hence top level management needs to spend more time.
Focus on authority

It is a bureaucratic type of organization structure. There is the system of hierarchical chain of command from top level to subordinate levels. It emphasizes on manager 's authority rather than expertise of employees. Every subordinate needs to follow the instruction of superiors even though they are

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