Mexican Immigration Rhetorical Analysis

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In 2001 in Texas a Mexican guy name called Slain Eusebio de haro and his friend Javier Sanchez stopped by a guy name called Sam Blackwood house for a glass of water. However, he refuses to give them and they left. He followed them and shot de haro from the back. unfortunately he was fined $4000,put on probation and set free for shooting this Mexican immigrant who asked him for a glass of water. Overall the article talks about the dehumanization of Mexicans in United States of America and on the border.
The article shows the situation or how Mexicans has been treated for a long time by comparing the life of Mexicans with the life a dog. While the article seems like it uses more ethos and logos. I think it uses all the three ways of rhetorical analysis methods. it gives us a reason how Mexicans treated different way(logos) and the …show more content…

It explains that this Mexicans are not treated equally as others, because they come from other country crossing the border. There is no that much explanation for the logos part of the article, it just gives us a hint by saying immigrants.
As I mentioned in the above, the article is so emotional explaining the life of Mexicans. Especially the story of de haro. It is so emotional that "they are not even called Mexicans when they found dead, they called ILLEGAL aliens or illegals." Even though the article starts with the story of de haro telling how he got shot dead, it talks overall the Mexicans sad life on the border and after they got in to U.S. Their life is not even worth to life of a dog or a used car.
I think the authors did a good job or explains a lot on pathos part making it so emotional by using the word dehumanization relating to the case of a guy who was fined a three years sentence for killing a dog. However, the life of de haro was not even equal to the life of that

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