Mistakes Vs Transcripts

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“ Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.” This quote is by Henry Ford, and he states that if you fail in the beginning you have to commit yourself into trying again even harder but this time you will be prepared for it. I think this is the perfect quote because it is very relatable to my transcripts. I can honestly say that my transcripts are not the best, and I admit that I could have tried a lot harder in reaching my goals. The trends that I see on my transcripts are that in the beginning of the semester my grades are good, but towards the end of the semester my grades tend to go down. The classes that are the easiest to me are english and science. Unfortunately, the classes that I have the most trouble in are math and history. I believe the reason why I’m good at english is because I love to write. During a specific time in my life, I used to have a journal and I would write my personal thoughts in it everyday. I also believe …show more content…

When I’m writing an essay I definitely try my best to entertain my reader, if I’m writing an informative essay I also try my best to inform my reader of the subject. I always try to improve my writing anyway that I can. My other favorite thing to do is read, I enjoy reading about mystery or suspense. I think that the areas I need to improve in are speaking out loud during a presentation, and getting focused. I admit that I get distracted easily, and that is something that I have to work on. A couple ways of making sure that I have a successful high school career is by completing all of my assignments when I’m absent. Another way is by asking for help when I need it, and ask questions for things that I don’t understand. Lastly, I plan to stay after school to do missing assignments, and maintain my grades. I’m planning to take an 8th period class and apply for summer school to hopefully get ahead on my credits or catch up on the credits that I’m

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