Moms Defense Of Youth Football

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At your request, I have examined the article “Concussion fear and all, one moms defense of youth football” by Kavita Varma, to see if it will be best to be published in The Shorthorn newspaper at UTA. By my examination, I concluded that your article should not be published in The Shorthorn newspaper at UTA. The article looks perfect and well formatted, but this should not be published in The Shorthorn. The author provides great evidence for moms and dads or any other family members to be concerned about putting their young children into youth football, but this is not significant to UTA students. This article may interest some UTA students because many students have kids but many don’t as well. The article won’t be significant for UTA students …show more content…

Educate parents about youth football and explain them that this article is not trying to get their young children out of the sport or even trying it, just explaining the facts of that could happen. There are many ethical appeals throughout this article explaining that young children playing youth football might severe concussions. The emotions will get through parents heads because parents do not want their children to get hurt. In the article a youth football event “gone wrong”. The event was very tragic, the losing team had “5 concussions”, the children ages were “10-12” years old. This shows parents how dangerous youth football can be to kids, even the “coaches were suspended” showing parents about youth football can be dangerous for their young children. Referees were “permanently banned” for the devastating game. This shows many emotional appeals because the young children had concussions and the coaches could not coach for the season no more till next season and even the referees were banned, the referees lost their job. Showing the not only the parents are getting hurt but also the coach and most of the referees, this backs up Varma’s claim very …show more content…

By explaining at the end of the article to “come Saturday, I will once again be watching, wearing my sons jersey number”, telling people to come and watch the game does not affect UTA students at all, this article will be mainly to be published in the newspaper of a town or city. The article is significant to the parents to get information about their young children playing youth football, and by explaining the audience to come out and support the game. Parents will be persuaded to come and get much more information about how young children playing youth football can likely get concussions. In addition some UTA students will find this article interesting to them because many are parents already. This will be significant to them to learn about the sport and to see of putting their young children to play youth football. Learning information from another parent about a sport that their young children might join is a good resource for parents at UTA to be concerned about. The Shorthorn is mainly for the news around campus, dealing only about the students not about students that have

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