MTV Anti-Bullying Campaign Analysis

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MTV a Thin Line, Library Advertisement
Amino Shimbirolays

The MTV anti- bullying campaign published on April 25, 2011 video targets audience to send a clear message to fight against cyberbullying through a heavy appeal to the viewer’s sense pathos, its message to catch younger audience to speak up when their classmates are being harassed. To present that standing by does nothing but empowers an aggressor make he or she believe that their behavior is acceptable.
The video begins with a group of students in the library when two boys loudly approach another two students doing their schoolwork and started aggressively tap one of students on his back and begins saying " sup princess what are you doing your book report on
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He yells back “very funny guys", in a sarcastic tone and while reaching to get his book back but only to get his hand slapped being refused to get is book back. The student next to who took is book responding with “no actually it's pretty sad and asked does your dad know how gay you are?" He slowly glazes at his friend adjacent from him who just sat there afraid, frustrated by their derogatory remarks towards his friend. And girl in the back shouts out “everybody knows how gay he is ". His friend still being too afraid to say anything, and watched him be embarrassed and humiliated by his peers. The sorrow written on his face, and raw facial expression capture the audience.

The Message
The message is advising students to standup to cyber-bullying and speak up when they see it happening because saying nothing is like giving a consent and approval for this aggressive behavior that intentional to keep on reoccurring if there is no one to stop it. Having a solid on position completely clear that disagree with type of behavior. Having a platform like MTV to address this subject that is happening every day, which is watched by billions of people worldwide it gives that ethos appeal to making it a
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