My Achievement: My Challenges And Achievements In High School

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I would like to start this essay off by mentioning my favorite quote “For a candidate, a leader, or anyone, really, the question is not are you flawed? It’s what do you do about your flaws.” Unfortunately, my high school didn’t exactly go as I or anyone hoped it would, and my transcript does say that. Despite trying my best to have good grades in high school, I faced a few problems that did have a lot of impact on my examination results in all four years, which included fractures, injuries, dengue, and a few other diseases. I also had to request for a scribe during my 12th-grade final physics exam due to injury on my right wrist. The gap year has immensely helped me improve myself both academically and health-wise, and I believe I have shown that through the difference between my SAT scores and my high school grades. I would like to request the admissions committee to take into consideration the unfortunate circumstances and the improvement in grades and health-wise over just a year. I believe with the support and guidance I’d receive from the university would tremendously help me with all rounded improvement and I am confident that I am ready to face the challenges a university would present. To me, college is not just about a path to a career, it is more of a place where I could discover myself and work on my overall development, while also getting great exposure. I decided to attend college in the United States since I realized that education in most other
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