My Health Triangle Essay

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Many people think that for one to be healthy, they must be psychically active, but that’s not entirely true. To truly be healthy, they must take into account the three main elements that make up health. A health triangle can help a person achieve a state of well-being, for the triangle has the necessary parts for leading a healthy life. In order for a health triangle to be effective in one’s life, the person must understand what it is and how it works, and how to balance out and improve their triangle.
A health triangle is a diagram that checks on the different aspects of health. Those different parts contained in the triangle are mental/emotional health, social health, and physical health. Mental/emotional health refers to your psychological …show more content…

A problem I have in the physical health section of my triangle is that I don’t spend a lot of time doing physical activities even though I should be. To fix this, what I’ll do is increase the amount of time I stay outside and get more involved in activities that makes me move. I also have to sleep more often, so I’ll have to create a schedule that fits in all my daily activities and gives me plenty of time to sleep. I already have a healthy eating habit which means that I’ll have a good boost of energy to help me get through the day. As for my mental/emotional health, I think it’s competent, but could still use some improvements. Even though I usually have a positive view of things and situations, I sometimes get pessimistic. Other than sometimes being pessimistic, I think I fit all the other qualities of being someone who has good mental/emotional health. My social health is also okay, but could I improve a bit more on my social skills. I need to be less shy/awkward around people. The relationships I currently have with people I’m close to is already healthy and good. By fixing and improving certain minor problems/issues in each of the elements of health, I can be the healthiest I can

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