How To Write A Narrative Essay About A Day At Home

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Like I have promised in my previous posts a long, long time ago, I want to write about my first time in doing something when I was a kid today. I don't know, I just don't have any idea what to write about that can be relatable or close to be one. So I guess this just has to do. Now, here's the thing, my childhood was alright. I befriended the neighbours' kids and we got along okay (sometimes), did well in school (yeah... I think), played outside every day in the afternoons, and all those normal things. Pretty average, right? But being me and being yourself too, a unique individual on our own, nothing is normal at least not to ourselves. 1) Riding the bicycle From what I can remember, my dad has always been very eager for all of my siblings…show more content…
3) Starting school I was schooled both in Malaysia and in the UK, but for this post, I would write out how my classes were like here (M'sia I mean). I can only vaguely remember me feeling excited and fidgeting on the passenger seat beside my mother who was driving cautiously to my school, an Islamic Kindergarten centre not so far from home. I think I was excited because all my friends in my street had started school and they always had some fun stories to tell about that "magical" place. But at the same time, I was nervous too because none of my friends were enrolled in that school I was destined to go to. It turned out that I didn't need to worry about it. I loved school even the rides on the yellow school bus there every day. I learn new things (even English, not my favourite subject back then) and I made more friends of my age. But there was one incident when I had a fight with a boy who stole a book that my friend lent to me and claiming it was his. I lost as the teachers sided with him (his nose didn't look too good) but I can never forget it. Especially because it wasn't my property that I lost. But I enjoyed my time there all the

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