My Pre-Schoolalready: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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My philosophy on education today, would have to be that I believe that all children are unique individual who needs a secure, caring,and stimulating atmosphere in which to growand mature emptionally intellectually physically, and socially. I am a teacher at a pre-schoolalready so I knowand see everyday how unique every childs is. Not all children are the same or learn the same either. That why teachers are great at what we do by providing each student with different opprotuities on how to learn. When teachers role is to guild,providing access to information rather then acting as the primary source of information, the students search for knowledge is met as they learn to find answers to their questions. Even though a teachers roles have changed over the year from actually teaching children what they need to know, to how guilding them so they can use their brains more to think. that doesn't mean teachers part they play still isn't as importantbecause with out teacher they would be no one to sucseed in any of their dreams. …show more content…

One main purpose is it gives students a safe enviroment to go to too learn, a piace where they can deal with their social and emotional feelings meet friends and have one on one with teachers if it is what the child is needing. If there wasn't schools it would be hard for teachers to acually guild the kids in any other kind of enviorment. the schools and school systems provide a safe enviroment for kids to learn and also work on their social skills by making new friends.Parents trust the schools and school staff to keep their children safe while also helping them to suceed in their goals and dreams also helping them figure out who they

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