Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment for younger people. In Singapore, nearly 9% of young people are gaming addicts. These “pathological gamers are also more likely to have poorer social skills, suffer from hand and wrist pain, sleep too little and face problems in school” . Many games also get negative critique in the press, often linked to violent behaviour . Does this mean that video games do more harm than good to a person? In many games these days, players directly benefit in violent acts; killing an innocent passer-by in the Grand Theft Auto series allows you to loot his dropped objects such as money and various equipment. This is also seen in many RPGs and games across other genres, where harming someone else, for example, racing dirty in Need for Speed, allows the player to benefit and move further in the game without penalty. However, this paper seeks to show that video games can have far-reaching positive effects on a person, besides the commonly used benefits such as enhanced dexterity or memory. With a specific interest in RPGs, these benefits can be found in common game elements such as character creation, the enticing narrative, and also the freedom to explore the virtual world. The first page that one comes to when starting up a new RPG is the character creation page. In this page he sets up parameters in which he wants his character to be seen, and also in some cases immediately defines in which general direction will his character

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