Negative Effects Of Video Games To Students

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Video games are popular among students. Students nowadays are addicted to play video games. Video games introduce the students about the online world games and computer technology. Video games are electronic images on the television, computer and now on mobile version. Video games now have spread widely all over the world for various users especially among student and children. There are many types of video games that attract people to play it. The users of video games are using it for a several purposes and reasons. Video games also can relieve stress for who are having problem. Some educators say that the video games bring the positive impact because it allows students to more active in learning as they develop the technology skills through their academic (Griffiths). Some of that researcher says that the video games bring the negative impact on students. Students are tends to follow the good path or the bad path. Video games in perspective of instructional technology and media can teach students in problem solving skill and create their creativity. Through playing video games, it can help students’ brain development. For example, in playing the games counter strike, they had to research, plan and target their vision to hit the shot. The game must know the target to hit and get the score. It also involves the planning and solving skills among students to win or get the higher ranked players. Students can compete with their friends to get the higher score. There are
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