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Being an active member within my school community is something that has always been of importance to me. During my time at the University of Rhode Island (URI), I have been heavily involved in many organizations and have held different leadership roles all while excelling in my academics. Since my time at URI I have been a consecutive member of the Dean’s List with a GPA of 3.83. Although I am very passionate about my academics, it is my involvements and leadership roles that make my time so enjoyable. I am s second year Resident Advisor as well as a second year URI 101 Mentor. I also serve as the president of URI’s National Association of Black Accountant’s. As well as being an active member within my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Although I have enjoyed my time thus far, I am ready for a new experience, an international experience! …show more content…

This lack of adventure has not been possible due to financial circumstances. Being that I have been accepted to an affiliated program, my financial aid will apply to the program cost, finally giving me the ability that I have never had before. I have always had the interest of bettering my Spanish speaking skills. I know how to speak and write Spanish but because I am not constantly using these skills, they are less than adequate. Being able to immerse myself in everything Spain has to offer is my biggest goal for my study abroad experience. I want to communicate in Spanish, try the different foods, as well as travel to different areas within the country and interact with the locals. Really immersing myself in the culture is the only way to be able to understand it better. The more I can do to learn about the Spanish culture, the closer I am to accomplishing my

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