Nikee Food Company: Determine The Marketing Mix

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Establish and adjust the marketing mix Assessment Task 2: Project – Determine the marketing mix Introduction This assignment project is about Nikee Food Company which is located in Melbourne CBD. The company offers fresh made sandwiches to local residents and big companies. The business has been operating for the past 15 years and has gained very popular reputation within the local communities. 1. For the new marketing opportunity and in relation to the product or service, answer the following questions? ▪ Who is the product or service aimed at? • corporate customers: they are the large companies who locates close to the sandwich bar and they can order and purchase large in bulk. ▪ What key features and benefits does the product or service provide? …show more content…

▪ How could the environmental factors you have identified impact on the marketing mix? Environmental factors Impacts on the marketing mix Selected environmental factor 1: Internal factors It s help to identify the mission and objectives in the business how much will be cost that need to be spend to manufacture, how this product can go into customers. Selected environmental factor 2: External factor What are the impacts on products/pr External factors important to increase the product because of competition; social factors and Nikee technology changes. ▪ Describe consumer priorities, needs and preferences in relation to the identified marketing opportunity or opportunities. Use the research that you completed in BSBMKG501B to complete this question. • preferred method of payment: According to Nikee food company they are using eftpos to get the payment. • preferred time and place for responding: Any time between 8.00 am - 4.00pm in every five days • preferred time and place to take delivery: After 10.00 am can take delivery from the nikee food company. ▪ How will consumer priorities, needs and preference impact on the marketing mix selected? Consumer priorities, needs and preference Impacts on the

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