Barriers Of Communication In Nursing

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Communication is a ‘two way process which can be simultaneously simple and complex. In simple terms, the process consists of a ‘sender’ who transmits information to the receiver. ‘(Bach and Grant, 2011) It is a vital element needed for all health workers in order to avoid conveying inadvertent messages about their feelings, beliefs or assumptions. (Robertson, 2008.) All nurses need to have good communications skills so they can communicate with a wide range of people successfully. Through this nurses can diagnose patients quicker resulting in them getting the best care available with the hope of their treatment being more effective. (gap medics ) One of the conducts set in place by the NMC is to communicate clearly. In order to achieve this…show more content…
One challenge which nurses face is communicating with those who are hard of hearing. It can be hard for both the nurse and the patient if there are challenges to do with hearing. If an individual is hard of hearing it’s important to make sure you are patient and allow extra time in order for the communication to be successful. Before you start the conversation you should make sure that the person is listening so that you have their full attention and you should talk clearly by using simple language so the communication is made as easy as possible for the patient. (Lisa Dougherty S. L.-O., The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures , 2015). On my placement I found ways of overcoming barriers concerning hearing. I wrote information down on a piece of paper so that the patient knew what I was talking about, and so this helped in them being able understand what I was saying in order to help the communication taking place effectively. The NMC supports the help which we should give patients with hearing impairments as one of their codes is to practice effectively, and in order to do this we need to take appropriate steps in order to meet individual’s communication needs. (NMC,

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