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Guaranteeing Accuracy of Records at time of Discharge The purpose of this paper is to identify a problem and a solution utilizing a change model. The steps required to facilitate the change are outlined along with an explanation of how the new process is in alignment with the hospital's mission and with professional standards.
Problem Identification and Solution
Recently, there have been complaints from case managers, and extended care facilities (ECF), that patients discharged are leaving the hospital without the required information to ensure care continuity. As a result, it is imperative that case managers review all the information prepared by the unit secretaries for accuracy before the patient leaving the facility. The case management …show more content…

The hospital's motto states superior service equals quality outcomes. The hospital believes that the strength of the staff and the relationships with partners in the community will ensure positive results (Rutland Regional Medical Center, 2016). The hospital functions as an open system and responds to feedback from internal and external sources. The core values of the organization guide the change process to guarantee the maintenance of relationships, partnerships, and the hospital's survivability (Collins & Porras, 1996). Responding to negative feedback will ensure the hospital continues to evolve and change for the betterment of the community (Meyer & O’Brien-Pallas, 2010). Furthermore, the hospital has the responsibility to identify opportunities to improve the patient experience. To remain in alignment with the hospital’s mission and vision a solution to the problem is warranted. It is imperative that a hospital summary and care orders accompany the patient when discharged to an ECF. According to the American Nurses’ Association (2010), standard 5A of “Standards of Professional Nursing Practice”, registered nurses are responsible for communication with the patient, family and care providers during transitions of …show more content…

A leader must possess strong leadership skills, have a full understanding of change models, and understand which model best fits the problem. There are different models for change, but all have similar components as that of the nursing process (a) assessment, (b) planning, (c) implementation, and (d) evaluation. The model used by a leader should reflect the problem and the type of change required. Lewin's change model is beneficial for projects that are small and do not require input from the upper administration (Mitchell, 2013). Also, the Lewin’s model is designed to assist with determining those behaviors that can impede and drive change (Sutherland, 2013). It is for these reasons that I have chosen Lewin’s change model.
Lewin’s model for change has three phases (a) unfreezing, (b) movement, and (c) re-freezing (Marquis & Huston, 2015). The feedback, from internal and external sources, is an example of “unfreezing” in Lewin’s Model. During this phase of the process the following steps occur:
• Meet with the nursing directors of the

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