Nursing Risk Assessment Paper

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In the case study, it shows that the nurses did not treat the patient according to his/her needs. The nurses have failed to deliver an ongoing assessment of the pressure area, and this has resulted in harm to the patient.

2.1 Risk assessment form
One of the tools not used to safeguard patient safety was the risk assessment form.
When a patient is admitted to a hospital, risk assessment should be done at-least within 8 hours of admission and frequently continue throughout patients stay (ACSQHC, 2012). Risk assessments consist of Braden scale, which is used to provide a prediction of the patient’s risk of pressure areas outcome, based on causes for example mobility. Using a PA tool at the start would have aided the nurses in recognising the …show more content…

Next following the Decision Making Framework, I would then evaluate and see if PAC is within my scope of practice. If it is not in my scope of practice than I would delegate the job to someone else who is more experienced. As a nurse, I should be competent in PAC; therefore, I will attain beneficial outcomes for the patient. Another thing I would is accessing hospital policies, concerning PAC.
After finding out the development of the PA, I would continue consulting with relevant nurses like the nurse manager and wound care nurse about the patient. Together we would develop a care plan, which will consist of documented reports and allow all health care professionals to review (doctor, nurse practitioner, dietician, O.T, etc.), within 24 hours (Ling, 2013). The care plan will promote the healing process and aim to prevent any further deterioration. The PA should include management devices for example; air mattress, nutritional intake, regular skin and pain assessments. Analgaesia would or should be given if indicated (Ling, 2013). Wound care plan management should also be developed which, followed by its healing process, monitored via a pressure injury healing scale (Ling, 2013), like pressure ulcer scale for healing (PUSH) (Pillen et al, …show more content…

It is vital for the community nurse to obtain handover regarding on his/her status (Thomas, 2012).
Before I use the action plan, I would always, notify and educate the patient about his or her situation and while gaining consent to perform management interventions (RCH, 2012).
Everything that occurs the day will be documented, and when writing the integrated notes I would put an alert’ sticker (Ling, 2013). The note should include what stage the PA is, the area it’s located and wether the injuries were current on admission (Ling, 2013). Another method to document this information is using the hospitals reporting system; this is usually the Clinical Incident Management System (CIMS) (Ling, 2013). During handover, it is important to use ISOBAR handover method as this will ensure continuity of care (RCH,

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