Objectivism And Positivism

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When Bryman describe ontology view, he introduces the objectivism and constructivism as two antithetical dimensions. (p22) However, Saunders 2009 p.119 advocates that positivism can be understood through both ontology and epistemology views. It raises the confusion whether positivism should belong to ontology view and be connected to objectivism like what Bryman said or positivism should not be tied to objectivism and can also be comprehended through epistemology view like what Saunders proposed. In 2014, Hanson stated that the root of positivism could be constructive instead of being tied only to objectivism. This makes us realize that our thesis might not be limited to the view of Bryman. When we discuss the positivism, we are set to think…show more content…
The individuals’ perspective would shape the way how individuals construct the knowledge about the world.(Weber,2004, p.5) Saunders emphasizes on how the researchers comprehend the world according to their different roles as social actors. This construction of knowledge suits people and social actors better than some objects such as computers. Sometimes, even knowledge processed by the computers can be well interpreted by the interpretivism as the continual process of the computer programming consists of symbolic interactions that people have written the subjective language and rules into. It contains certain degree of uncertainty and ambiguity. It is thereby not free from value. It has phenomenology that build the knowledge based on the sense of the world around the observers.(Saunders,2009,p.115-116) Our research philosophy is certainly not in this branch of school of the business research…show more content…
It indeed has several characteristics that are similar to positivism. They both utilize scientific approach to study and implement the research. The underlying assumptions are similar as well. In realism, the two most outstanding branches are direct realism and critical realism. The direct realism believe that our sense which captures the world is reliable. The information collected from our sensations is sufficient for an accurate research result. Meanwhile, critical realism believe the world to be in a multi-level. Standing in a different level to conduct a research can even generate a contrasting understanding of the underlying research phenomena. In critical realism, our sensation could deceive us so that being in another level of structures, procedures and process is able to fundamentally change the research result.(Saunders,2008,

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