Paintball Narrative Essay

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Final Narrative
I walk on the dry dirt, looking at a huge billboard saying, “Santa Clara Paintball”. I was at my friend’s birthday party with others that I already knew. I was with two of my friends, Jason and someone else. I couldn’t remember the name, but i remember him from other events. When we were walking, we were all smiling and excited to go paintballing.
“This is going to be great!” Jason said. We finally got to the main area, and see everyone else coming out. Their names were Victor, Harry, Jonathan, Perry, Byron, and Matty. Victor was the birthday boy, and was wearing a blue shirt with words on it. Harry was big and tall, and wore a red shirt with white splashes on it. Jonathan was also big and tall, with hair that was standing straight up and wore a green shirt. Byron was the shortest of people our age, and wore a white shirt with little words on the …show more content…

I crouch on the ground, looking around me. I see my teammates holding half of the arena, getting ready for an attack. I see the enemy, and start shooting at them, shooting paintballs everywhere. Then, they see me at the corner of their eye and shoot at me. I duck, a paintball gliding across my head. My paintball gun was half full. I debate between going back or staying here. I was about to go back, but then, the enemy held a counter attack, running at us, shooting us with with full speed. I decide to fire the rest of my ammo at them, and hit one of them in the arm. They grab their arm and start running back. We were at our positions, holding a tight line of fire, but we couldn't hold it well enough. Two of my teammates, Matty and Jason, got shot, and had to go back. Then, the attack went so well we had to retreat back to the main base. The mask i was wearing was really hot. I discussed a plan with my team. We decided to go for a sneak attack, where some of our team distract the right side and the rest rush the left. Then, we decided to do

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