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Currently I am volunteering as a worker at our local food pantry downtown. The pantry is called Hope Distribution and is part of the Catholic Charities program sponsored by the Archdiocese of the Catholic Church. I am volunteering here working the front desk keeping tracks on the clients that utilize our pantry. We issue intake forms for new clients and mark the frequency that a client in need comes to the pantry. Here, I also help guide them throughout the pantry assisting them with the items that they are allowed to make choices on. Then I bag the items up and let them load the items into the car. I get great joy in helping our people and they are so happy to see us when they come in. I plan to use the knowledge and verbal skills after I graduate. This is when I become a counselor or social worker. …show more content…

Some of these things include: Will I be able to overcome the past failures in my life to complete my degree (Mastery in Arts of Counseling), will I have the self-esteem to be able to perform the tasks the career has entailed for me, and will I be able to uphold my contract as a learner of the Christian teachings, so that I may be there for the people that need my help with their struggles.
Something that I will do differently as I travel down the college pathway is that I will prepare better, keeping my mind progressive and clean so that my time is better managed. I will also incorporate all the aspects of my life in to one learning experience , in other words I will try to connect my time at working at the food pantry, going to school, interacting with the media, and attending church.
I enjoyed the video that was assigned to us regarding Andy Stanley’s lecture on choosing the path of the wisest choice. I find the inspiration and clarity in this video to be a helpful guide in paving an organized and productive mindset for

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