Passion And Aggression In Ender's Game

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Passion & Aggression Ender once said, “To learn how to truly fight in war, I must show passion and aggression.” During the story of the Ender’s Game, Ender feels like he’s stuck in between love and war. As the story of Ender’s journey goes on, he’s known to fight with so much aggression which makes him feel bad because he makes people not want to ever fight him again. In several parts of the story, Ender feels terrible after showing his aggression to someone because of his passionate side. In the beginning, before Ender left Earth, Ender used to get bullied in school by another kid named Stilson. It came to a point when Ender had to defend for himself. Stilson and his friends bullied Ender, so in order for them to leave Ender alone, he shows his aggression by constantly kicking Stilson while he was down. Ender did that to prevent Stilson or his friends from hurting him again. After leaving the room, he feels terrible because of the fact that he’s passionate and he didn’t want to hurt Stilson. Ender also had several confrontations with a Battle School leader named Bonzo. Ender didn’t want to follow Bonzo’s rules because it would’ve held him back from learning how to …show more content…

He ends up beating the buggers and kills billions of lives by destroying the planet of the buggers. Graff ends up telling Ender that he actually killed the buggers. Ender gets mad at Graff because he thought it was a game and now knows that he killed billions of lives. He cries because of his passion and also because he realized he killed billions of lives and their homes as well. After that, he meets the queen bugger by following the game simulator. Ender ends up crying while the queen bugger wipes his tears away. At this point, he knows that the queen bugger is going to die. This shows that he’s passionate because he shows that he’s sorry for her and doesn’t want her to

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