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Kitana Bachman Final Draft December 6, 2014
Around the world, there are so many types of delicious teas. Three of those types of teas have been chosen for this experiment: green tea, black tea, and orange tea. Which one of these teas is more expected to stain teeth more? All three of these teas are made from the same plant called Camellia sinensis. Also, all of these teas have the same antioxidant, which goes by the name of Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGC, for short.
When tea is made, especially if it is not cold brew, look in the tea bag. Now the leaves are cut and chopped up, so it makes it easier to seep, mix into the water, and soon, the water turns darker because of the leaves. There is this mineral that goes by the name of “theaflavins
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It from this country: Sri Lanka and south India (or at least that is where it is processed.), by that, it is probably a big fan of orange pekoe tea, because it is its largest supporter and There are a many people who drink orange pekoe tea all the time. *”A type of black tea, orange pekoe refers to the tea's high quality, not its flavor”* (*3. quotation citied from: This tea, orange pekoe tea, is one of the tree descendants of black tea. The other two are pekoe and souchong tea. The vitamins and minerals are the same as black tea. Ironically, it is a little darker than the black tea. The antioxidants in the tea are very good for you. The minerals help fight against anything that could damage your skin, whether it is UV rays to just bruises. Basically, it helps with just keeping your skin good and healthy. Some of the crimes fighting minerals try to kill off any not good bacteria that can harm your body. Also it helps you have a full pearly white mouth. The tea helps prevent cavities and mouth bacteria,

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