Personal Narrative-First Home Football

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Here I go, down my stairs to ask a question that I know for sure my mom will throw a fit about. There I am in our living room standing three feet away from my frightening mom. She asks, “What do you want?” I stand there not wanting to ask the question, hesitating for a second or two and then I finally spill out the words “ Would it be okay if I skip Friday’s volleyball tournament and cheer at the first home football game?” Of course like the strict mother she is, she says, “ No you are going to the volleyball tournament no matter what.” At this time of the year I knew she was going to say that because she doesn’t want me to cheer, she says, “It’s too much for us to pay for.” I thought to myself why in the hell can’t I skip the tournament, it …show more content…

Pacing back and forth in my massive room going through everything that just happened in that split second. Everything going round and round in circles in my brain. Should I follow my gut, or should I do what my mom insists me to do? That was the main question. What would happen if I went with my gut and not do what my mom wants me to do? Would my coaches think I am not committed enough to do that sport? Why could my mom just let me make my choices and let me learn from my mistakes? All of these questions were making my head want to explode. I only had a few hours to choose what I wanted to do and so many pros and cons. There were so many awful consequences too. Volleyball I am a senior and am going to be a captain, but if I go to the football game would that drop me down to nothing. For cheer would I have the consequences of being the only returner in the back row. If I made the choice my mom wants me to do that mean I would be back row and that would be embarrassing. My gut kept on telling me to just skip that one day of the volleyball tournament and go to that football game that I have been waiting for all summer. I had a few hours to think of what I should do so I took all the time I could to make my decision. Yah, I like volleyball more, but cheer rubbed off on me and I am starting to like cheer the same as I like

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