Personal Narrative: My Middle School Experience

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My middle school experience has been filled with many ups and down. In fact, one could even say that my middle school experience has been pretty mediocre. I dealt with stress and made stupendous memories throughout my years here, but while being in the middle school I have truly discovered who I really am. Middle school can be a challenging place at times, but I have really discovered myself and morals that are important to me. In sixth grade, I was dealing with the transition of being a new middle school student. In seventh grade, I began making more memories socially and really began recognizing my academic strength and weaknesses. In eighth grade, my year was filled with stress over academic challenge. Overall, I have experienced many changes in my life throughout these past three years, including becoming more mature, being a risk taker, and learning the importance …show more content…

During middle school, I have grown into a more mature person. This is evident in three primary ways: I have become more of a self advocate; I have gained more self respect and I have taken on more responsibility. As I have matured, I have gained the confidence to become a self advocate. During school, I speak my mind and ask various questions if I am confused. Not to mention, I also seek out advice if I am feeling confused with any of my school work. It is important to state your opinions and ask questions because no one will know if you feel confused or overwhelmed in your work. I speak up for myself if I feel something is not right. I am a self advocate not only at school, but wherever I go. At school, I speak up when I need to, but socially I speak up too. When I am around my friends, I still make my own decisions and speak my mind even when

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