Personal Narrative: My Six-Word Memoir

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My 6- word memoir is a way of explaining the difficult time me, and my baby girl went through. On December 19 of 2013 I went into labor that morning to have a C-section. Everything went through so well until after they took my baby to put her in the NICU. Which is the neonatal intensive care unit. I did not know this would be so hard to deal with, but it was. With tears in my eyes I kept questioning god why this had to be happening to me. The doctors explained to me that my baby got sick from being in my stomach so long after my water broke. I did not want to be away from her, every morning my trips to the NICU were the hardest. Seeing her with tubes, and all the stuff made me upset. But holding her was the most amazing feeling in the world. …show more content…

As the day passed my fevers started, they were bad. The best thing that had happened was that they finally brought my Scarlett in the room with me to let her stay with me. My sickness started when my incision opened back up, they took me to the ER. Tests were getting done, they were taking me all over the place all I could do was cry. My family was going through a tough time, all they wanted were answers. All that night I had to drink a drink the doctor’s gave me to get ready for surgery that early morning. What? Another surgery my incision wasn’t close to healing before they opened me back up. The morning of the surgery came, and the doctor came in my room told my family if you guys would have brought her in any later then yesterday Ms. Jessica would have died. They found bags of puss all over my stomach all the way in my ovaries. I felt so blessed that god allowed me to LIVE. He gave me a chance to see my daughter grow. The surgery turned out great, and my recovery was great as well. The infection did not come back thanks to the doctors, and GOD! I learned that god works in mysterious way. He saved me, and my beautiful

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