Personal Narrative: My Trip To Webster Lake

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It was a wonderful evening and Me, Jayla, Jayden, Mom, Dad we 're driving to Webster lake! We got there and me and Jayden went up this little path and my eyes got blurry, There was a homeless man in the center of the path and I ran. And we went to Webster lake. We were at the lake and Me my brother and my sister went to the park. Somehow my sister and brother sped away from me and were already at the park, and their friends were there, but not any of mine were there. So I went on the spinny thing and fell off!! I fell pretty hard to. So after I fell off I said “hey that 's not cool dude” So I left and went on and climbed the rock. I was gonna jump down but at the time I was afraid of heights. So I had to climb back down. and I went …show more content…

By then I was on the ground crying with my arm fractured and my arm on the whole other side of my body. And I got up and went up to my sister in tears and she said what’s wrong I said I fell off the swing and she called my parents. My parents got there in a hurry and my dad said get on his back. I got on his back and he was off to the car. We were halfway there and he asked if I could walk for a second I said yes in tears and finally we got to the car and we headed home, as if it was like we were in a high speed chase.. We got home and my dad put me on the couch while my mom was getting me medicine. My mom came with ibuprofen and my dad came with some crushed ice. I got up and went on my parents point and fell asleep waking up to a bad pain!!!! I finally got the pain to stop and all i could say was OuCh!!! I couldn 't go outside I couldn 't play soccer and I finally couldn 't go to the store!!! I thought NOOO!! Then one day I woke up and it was all better and i was able to do more than half the things i was able

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