Strength And Weakness Research Paper

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Personal strengths and weaknesses are the qualities that define human behavior. As the author Lorena Molinero Martín explains in his book Everybody Absolutely everybody has strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to know the strengths and weaknesses that are part of your person to understand how it can help you in different areas of your life. For a better understanding it is necessary to identify first the concept of strength. According to the dictionary, strength is the virtue to be able to face risks with courage and vigor. Optimist, we must see the positive side to the different situations that may occur in life. This virtue is useful in the school because it helps you reduce the problems that occur in it. As the author Luri (2010)…show more content…
To be tolerant is to respect the opinion of others and is a very powerful weapon not only in school but in life. To tolerate others is to help yourself, is to understand the situation in which the other person is and try to help, thus creating bonds of friendship and better communication with people. Author Aguado(1996) states in her book ``With tolerance we become friends``.(pp.4) Respect, a value that is very lost today in society, a strength that without a doubt must be rescued in schools so that everything goes in peace. Undoubtedly an assessment that helps to be a better person. Academically speaking a profit that helps you not get into trouble and move more quietly as Benito Juarez said, `` Respect for the rights of others is peace``. To continue it is necessary to identify the second concept that is weakness. The dictionary said that weakness is the state or quality of being weak, lack of strength, firmness or vigor. Worry about everything, the worst weakness a person can have. Since you never live quiet, there is always something you have in mind and that worries you during the day. However a tool that can be very useful in school or work. Because thanks to this weakness you would be aware of everything and you would not overlook
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