Benefits Of Spanking

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Spanking: A Daily Threat

What is necessary in raising a child? Discipline. But this discipline is not like any other. It requires patience, time, and hardwork coming from the parent. Children desperately need their parents ' love and avowal as well as their authoritative guidance and rectification. Disciplining children is part of the tough work of parenting, but in the long run, the positive effects are very visible. There is a variety of ways of discipline teaching that can be enforced on to children. One of which includes physical punishment or spanking. Parents have been entrusted with the incredible privilege and responsibility of shaping their children 's behavior in a positive direction (Alto, 2006). Unfortunately, many enter this world with desires that …show more content…

This shows that spanking is becoming a trend. This is very common now to every child in a normal household. Any form of physical punishment to a child is immoral. This is due to the fact that it can lead to child abuse and cause even more behavioral problems. Spanking is a form of physical punishment that greatly affects the child physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. There are many adverse effects of spanking and one of these is that victims of the abuse tend to feel untoward emotions with their parents. Some children think of it as their parents ' expression of anger rather than a form of discipline teaching. One of the negative effects of this is that children are commonly and mostly misinterpreted making them feel less important in the society. Even if they did not do something that is completely wrong, parents spank them. The "control" that the parent is striving for has everything to do with fear and nothing to do with teaching, learning, or a child 's understanding of concepts of right and wrong. What the child "learns" is that he has been hit or hurt by a person who loves him and is really

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