Persuasive Essay About Bullying

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Spanking: A Daily Threat

What is necessary in raising a child? Discipline. But this discipline is not like any other. It requires patience, time, and hardwork coming from the parent. Children desperately need their parents ' love and avowal as well as their authoritative guidance and rectification. Disciplining children is part of the tough work of parenting, but in the long run, the positive effects are very visible. There is a variety of ways of discipline teaching that can be enforced on to children. One of which includes physical punishment or spanking. Parents have been entrusted with the incredible privilege and responsibility of shaping their children 's behavior in a positive direction (Alto, 2006). Unfortunately, many enter this world with desires that are harmful, cruel and selfish to others and to their own selves even. Spanking by a parent to his or her child is still seen by many as a necessary form of discipline, and condoned, or sadly even encouraged and this trend needs to be stopped. Spanking, then, can be one effective discipline option among several in a parents ' options as they seek to divert their children away from negative behaviors and guide them toward becoming responsible, healthy, good and happy adults in the coming future. Almost all of the respondents in the survey assessed experienced spanking. This shows that spanking is becoming a trend. This is very common now to every child in a normal household. Any form of physical

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