Persuasive Essay: Homework Is An Evil For Students

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Practice makes perfect. This applies to everything in life such as sports like basketball and football, to activities like piano and skating. This age-old adage also applies to homework on how it helps students perform better in school. Recently, the use of homework has come under fire by various people, some even calling it an evil. The argument against homework is that it is unhelpful, leads to increased amounts stress in students, and inflicts negative effects on their academic ability and performance. These are critical criticisms of homework, however, they fail to see the negatives are only caused by unnecessary amounts of homework and also fail to realize the major benefits homework offers to students.
Homework has been apart of our society and our school system for countless decades,
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On the other hand, homework has not always been liked by the public masses and school attendees. Back then, around the 20th century, other activities like chores outweighed homework and parents discouraged the use of it in schools. Coincidentally, this was also a time where very few students lacked interest in achieving a higher education. As decades passed, the pressure increased for the United States to stay ahead in the Cold War. Thus, homework usage was increased vastly in school. Additionally, student interest in higher education also increased as homework was being used. Along with this, they are many other uses that homework provides.
In moderation, homework is indeed helpful as it improves skills such as time management and responsibility, increases student academic achievement in school and boosts the flow of the following classes. The use of homework in school teaches various skills that students can use in their future as they progress through life. In the article, “Is Homework Good for Kids? Here 's
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