Why We Should Have Too Much Homework Essay

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The Homework Crisis

Jasmine Jurado, fourteen, says her daily average of homework is three hours. Three hours! She says her homework leaves her anxious and burdened. “ I try to get good grades; I come home by nine, and my parents are asleep. When I come home, it is all on my back,” she says. Students like Jasmine have way more homework than they should have, which can greatly impact their lives. Many simple things in kids lives are affected because of too much homework. If homework was to be cut down, student’s lives would change in jerasticly in good ways. Middle school teachers should give students less homework. First, a kid’s mental health and life can be affected by too much homework in many ways. To add, a lot of homework can take away from a student’s time to sleep, which can leave many side effects on the student.
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Most kids have after school sports or activities, and some cannot make it are late to those programs because they have too much homework and cannot finish it on time. Children can also get extremely stressed, have nervous breakdowns, anxiety, or even depression due to the amount homework they get. In fact, stress from too much homework can actually lead to falling grades. According to Teen Ink, a website that has articles on various topics written by teenagers, “ Too much homework can cause stress in a student and lead to health issues in the body and mind. Homework related anxiety and stress can affect school work negatively,” ( “Should Students Get Less Homework”1). The amount of homework kids get today should not be the reason why they have mental and health issues. Less of it could make a kid’s life better, easier, and less

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