Persuasive Essay: Should Children Play Video Games?

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Should children play video games? Playing video games have become a general hobby for folks of all ages. All the modern games started when Atari comes up. Atari was a very simple game of tennis. Now days, you will see many of boys and girls spend more than one hour to play video games. Not only young children also youths often spend their time playing these games. Many parents do not like these games because they only think about the potential dangers, but these games are very safety for kids. Video games have become very advanced and factual. These games can work on different devices such as; IPad, laptop, TV, telephone, Wii, PlayStation, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Gameboy, PSP, and Xbox 360. Everyone can buy them because they are not very expensive, it cost around 20 to 50 KD. In these days, children should be allowed to play video games because it is important to their social life, lighten their brain, and other positive effects.
Social life Video games are important to their social life is the primary reason of should children play video games. Some of the video games are connected to the Internet, which are can allow kids and youths to play and chat with their friends. And, through these games children can recognize new friends. There are many of these games that are specifically designed to play with a real person
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By victory in games, kids gain confidence in themselves and self-esteem. Most these games are designed to let players win and be happy for that success. Many doctors let them patients to play these games because recently they found that it helps them to overcome their disease. Video games force kids to think quickly. In particular, action games encourage players to make fast decisions using evidence gathered throughout the game. Parents should let their children’s to play these games but they have to look after them to advise them about whether the game is good or bad to
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