Personal Narrative: The Pillars Of Success

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The Pillars of Success can be meant in many ways to many different kinds of people, but to an individual, such as me who is in currently, a junior in High School is meant through respect, responsibility, leadership, and friendship. These 4 simple words are the pillars of success to become a successful person when graduating high school. As a high schooler, being respectful to not only to one’s peers, but also one’s teachers, janitors, parents, principal or band director is essential not only in high school but in life in general. In my perspective being respectful to everyone around one regardless of authority is more important than any grade one scores on a test or assignment because scoring a number cannot withstand the way one makes their peers feel. Responsibility is another important pillar for countless high schoolers like me because high school is the time when we make decisions that will affect us for a long time to come and it is …show more content…

For example, some of the cool kids would come to me asking to copy off of my assignment or my homework and I know that it is academic dishonesty to let someone take my work and say it as their own. At the same time, I want to be friends with them so a thought would come to my head to allow them to copy my work so I could be part of the cool kids. In spite of this, I realize that one doesn 't need to let some societal teenager copy off of one’s work just to make one cool because one day that teenager is going to be grateful to me for not allowing him to do that because now he knows how to solve parametric equations and he will do great on the test. As a teenager, it is difficult to make the right decision because there is so much pressure that is placed upon one to make the wrong choice but it is important to make mature decisions and not choices to just appease

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