Pit Bulls: Pitbulls Are Misunderstood

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Pit bulls are Misunderstood
Some might not know this, but a person is 60 times more likely to be killed by a coconut than a Pit bull.The Pit bull is the dog know as the Bully breed. Most people think of Pit bull and associate them with aggression, dog attacks, and death. A myth that keeps going around is their jaws; people say that they have a locking jaw, but there is no difference between them than any other dog. The common perception about Pit Bulls is wrong due to their history, biased media, and the irresponsible Pit bull owners.
Most people are scared of Pit bulls because of their history of how they came into society. Semenza once said that,“...by the 16th century, nearly every town in England had its own baiting ring”. Baiting is a
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How the dog is treated is how the dog will act. If the dog was raised to be aggressive or if it was treated poorly, then it will act the way it knows. Enos once said something that goes like this, “Dogs are products of their , not genetics.” When a dog is put in a harsh, negative environment they are bound to be aggressive, but if dogs are raised in a good, positive environment then they will be the best animal companion. When owning a Pit bull, proper training and care is needed when owning a Pit bull. Untrained Pit bulls are the ones that bite. These dogs are the ones that made the reputation for the rest, but the dogs themselves are not the ones to blame- it’s the owners. Taking care of a Pit is not easy, the same as any other dog, but when a Pit is little it needs to be spayed or neutered so they are not aggressive. Cowell, the producer of the film “How to Train Your Dragon” wrote, “Good dragons under the control of bad people do bad things”. This is exactly right for Pit bulls; they are not the problem it's the people. Pit bulls should not be judged by what people do to…show more content…
If Pit bull owners would spay/neuter their dogs, then biting rates would go down. The public needs to stop believing in all of the things on the internet about Pit bulls- then their poor reputation would go away. The public also just needs to be accepting and forgive the breed’s past that they are not even responsible for. Every year 150 people are killed walking underneath coconut trees by falling coconuts, but Pit bulls kill less a two thirds less people than coconuts, yet Pit bulls are banned in some places while coconuts are

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