Essay On Political Impact Of Social Media

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Political impact of Social Media Atheer AlOthman Hala AlMashali Maha AlSunaidi Yara AlFozan The use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media has changed the way politicians and citizens handle politics. And because of the influence of social networking sites, it have been adopted by political figures. Almost every candidate running for political position, would create a campaign through social media to communicate with the constituents. Whether it's about getting votes, or trying to get people's attention about an important cause, social media in all its platforms is the easiest way to advertise about it without having to pay for the advertising. Based on the research done on the U.S. Congressmen’s voting decisions, it’s proven that social media can have a huge effect on decision making. Also, social …show more content…

For example, Iran has a filtering technology on the internet that filter results that contain the word “torture” or “women” In Farsi. With that being said we can state that governments of closed societies are threatened by the open media that the social media provide. And this fear, in my opinion is in its right place. because social media users can use social media in a destructive way and can rebel on the government using social media. In conclusion, political impact on social media is huge and obvious. Social media platforms is substituting the traditional formal news media which has restrictions on the news and information they share especially in closed societies. Governments of closed societies are facing a problem because the government cannot control the news and the information shared on the internet which diminish the government authority to control their citizens. Lack of control on internet has made social media a platform for activists in politics and human right

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