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Case Study: Position Players Position Players case study is about the different management approach of the Holden Outerwear. The Holden Outerwear is launched in 2002 by Mikey LeBlance with partner Scott Zergebel. LeBlance comparing the Holden Outwear management system to a sports team and all managers as the players in the team. Here LeBlance assigned every manager a particular role so that every manager knows what their responsibility is and this will help every manager to work as team to achieve the common goal. This case study is mainly taking about the importance of team work and how will it changes an organization. Group Based Vs Team Based According to Nikki Brush, the design and development manager of the Holden Outwear, her college…show more content…
Here in the case Holden Outwear, Mikey LeBlance and his partner Scott Zergebel, hired employees which are better than them and formed a team. Here the Holden Outwear also following hierarchical structure by able assign each members of the team to different roles and responsibility but the purpose of doing this is to make everyone in the team feels equal which helps them to work as a team. In the case study it is mentioned that the Holden Outwear did not want to outsource because they want to do it by their own, but when the organization grows they will not able to do all by themselves, so they need to outsource it. The outsourcing is a big problem to the Holden Outwear, because when they hire new employees they need to share all details, including their designs and strategies. But in my opinion that’s not the real problem they need to face because as their organization grows they need to hire new employees which may not be suit for their team and also team only works when its small, so when they add new employees they need to increase their team which effect their productivity so keep their current team assign new employees in lower position. This is situation were the team based structure of the Holden Outwear offsets the hierarchical…show more content…
On the other hand, the company’s team-based structure/ culture requires employees to contribute their efforts to organization-wide performance. This would appear to be a paradox but in my opinion, it is not. In this case study LeBlance is comparing his team based structure to a sports team and I would like do it same in order to explain this matter. There are eleven members in football team (soccer) and each team member has a roles and responsibility, for example there will be two or three strikers, two or three mid fielder, two or three defenders, all these roles requires the members to devote their skills and energies to the performance of a specific series of tasks but it does not mean they only do that particular tasks, for example, a defenders roles is to defend the ball but if he get chance to score a goal then he need to score a goals. This is because in a team everyone shares a common goal and all the members are responsible for a team to achieve that goal. If a team member who as assigned as a marketing manager and he only focus more on his assigned job more than his assigned team job, then he will be a group member instead of a team member. In a team, members are more focused on achieving their common goal more than their assigned job which is just opposite of
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