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Learning and educational outcomes of children are affected by many factors including sleeping, listening to music, their parents, peer pressure, and, of course, breakfast behavior. Diet has an impact on people health. The lack of food when they are children affects brain development in long term. Actually, the most important thing is the balance of food including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (Basch, 2010). As many people know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it affects how our body works because there is a long period, between breakfast and dinner, which our body requires energy to be activated (Basch, 2010). Moreover, there are more specific reasons. Having breakfast has some positive effects including memory…show more content…
It is not the same as the students of my hometown where plenty of people eat breakfast. On the survey of 846 city high school in San Diego, 57% students do not have breakfast on the survey day and girls tend to skip breakfast more than boys (Basch, 2010). From this result, it is probably because many girls want to lose their weight and they think that this method is the best way to achieve their goal. In Maryland, USA, 20% of 500 fourth grade students in city, suburban and, countryside do not have breakfast and there are more breakfast-skipped students in the city. The appetite of food, the lack of time in the morning of city students, and also the household economy are factors of breakfast consuming. More than 3,000 junior high school students in central Kentucky are surveyed, 13% do not eat breakfast at all and 45% of the students have breakfast every day (Basch, 2010). It shows that many students there seem to know how important of breakfast. From the 18,000 adolescent survey, the more women and older they are, the more breakfast they skip compared with men and younger adolescents (Basch, 2010). It may describe that girls and women very care about their body shape. Although it may work for a short term process, it is not effective in a long term. In addition, a survey by U.S. Department of…show more content…
They are asked if how many days they ate lunch per week and how many GPA they earned. However, one has to understand that it is hard to find people who do not eat breakfast at all so there is not enough information in this area.
GPA / Days 0 1-2 3-4 5-6 7
0-0.9 - - - - -
1-1.9 - - - - -
2.2.9 - 1 1 3 4
3-4 3 2 2 2 12
The table shows the relationship between days they have breakfast and their GPA (Graded from 0-4).This is a result,
• 1 person who has breakfast 1-2 days with GPA 2-2.99.
• 1 person who have breakfast 3-4 days with GPA 2-2.99.
• 3 people who have breakfast 5-6 days with GPA 2-2.99.
• 4 people who have breakfast everyday with GPA 2-2.99.
• 3 people who do not have breakfast with GPA 3-4.
• 2 people who have breakfast 1-2 days with GPA

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