Positive Role Model

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The perception a person holds of the life they're leading is the base of personal success; it is a contentment or happiness with what they have created for themselves, obtained for themselves, or goals they completed in their lives. The satisfaction they feel with who they are as a person, and what kind of light they see both the various material components, as well as subjective, non-physical aspects of life is also a component. A house, property, wealth, or a car are all examples of external success measured by material possessions. Examples of priceless, non-material measurements of success are family and experiences; an example of a combination of the two types of measurements is education, which can be a personal success by the completion …show more content…

I hope to one day be a positive role model in your life and teach you to build these attributes, along with showing you by consistently achieving personal success in my own life. My own mother has been a role model for myself, she taught me that you can achieve anything in life with hard work and a positive perspective on what you have. She overcame many huge challenges and giant hurdles, and still managed to get everything she wanted in life, all while taking care of three children at the same time. Having a positive role model can really assist in creating your view of personal success and what you need to do to achieve it. There will also be many negative people you will come in contact with throughout your life, these people might be mean or lazy, but at least they will show you what not to do, as well as remind you to stay positive and motivated so you can become a successful person. These people are toxic and should be avoided at all costs because from my own personal experience, the will only drag you down with them and make you become like them; this can take a very long time to recover from, I still have many negative and self-destructive habits that I am working on breaking, all because of surrounding myself with toxic people, at one point I even was one myself. You will only destroy your own happiness and success when you are a negative and unmotivated person, and the people you choose to be around are the people you will start to become in likeness of, which is human nature and unavoidable unless you keep those people out of your life, or at most to a minimum. Not everyone will be a positive role model in your life, many will be the opposite; however, it is absolutely imperative to remember to learn all the same from these people, except make sure you are learning what not to

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