Potato Juice Case Study

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Amazing benefits, Potato Juice Excellent Tonic:

Skin Disorder:

Precise cheilitis – One of the most critical reasons for potato juice is for treating rakish cheilitis, a typical skin issue portrayed by redness and swelling of the mouth corners.

Potato juice is known to be a powerful calming so applying this on the edges of your mouth can tone down the sores in a matter of moments. On the off chance that you make it a propensity to drink potato squeeze each day, you 'll get enough vitamin B complex, which you have to battle rakish cheilitis. Specialists say that vitamin B lack is the main source of this skin issue.

Flaws –

To treat imperfections, apply a liberal measure of frosty potato squeeze on the influenced skin once per day.

Sunburn –
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Peptic Ulcer –

Combine potato juice with carrot juice to treat peptic ulcer.

Sustenance harming – For nourishment harming, potato juice works ponder when blended with unadulterated nectar or carrot juice.


Potato juice goes about as a cheap detox operator that flushes out the liver and gallbladder. In Japan, this juice is utilized to treat hepatitis.

Decreases Inflammation:

Potato juice is a great calming operator for joint pain, joint torment and back torment. Crude juice treatment is a standout amongst the best organic medicines today to treat rheumatic and joint patients. It has been utilized as a part of standard medication for numerous years. Savor it the morning on a vacant stomach for best outcomes.


The Buddhist priest Master Tomizawa utilizes crisp and crude potato juice for malignancy treatment. Drink 1-2 glasses of potato squeeze each day to cure gastric ulcer, kidney malady, coronary illness, diabetes, hypertension, tumor, liver ailment, lumbago and sore shoulders.

Kidney sickness:

Potato juice treats pancreatitis and kidney sicknesses. It is additionally helpful to treat diabetes and hypertension. Potato Juice keeps the arrangement of calcium stones in your urinary tract.


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