Prisons In The Prison System

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The United States has been experiencing a drastic increase in crime. The correctional system that is currently in place in our country must be realigned so that the issues can be dealt with. Penitentiary administrators and police departments are experiencing a great deal of challenges such as insufficient staff, low morale, and a very bad public image in many communities across the country. This paper will propose an adequate and effective plan to reformat the current dysfunctional system and strengthen the dissemination of limited resources. The population of inmates in the prison system will also be addressed. Achieving goals that encompass retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation and incapacitation are imperative to address many problems …show more content…

When prisoners leave the prison system they do not return. This country has the lowest recidivism rate than any other country in the entire world. Norway’s restorative justice focuses on fixing the aftereffects of the crime that was committed and not so much on punishment. They believe in rehabilitating prisoners so that they do not reoffend when they are released back into society. Halden Prison is one of Norway’s correctional facilities. The large complex sits on 75 acres of land. There are not bars on the windows and prisoners have access to full kitchens with knives. Astonishingly the inmates and the guards are allowed to develop friendships. One of the main goals of Halden prison is to get the inmates ready to return to society. They have training programs such as wood shop, assembly and inmates are allowed to train in recording studios. This is very different than the prison systems in the United States. Obviously the prison system in America needs to be restructured. A great approach would be to start with a few prison systems in the US and mirror the practices that are used in European nations. If it turns out to be as successful in America than it is overseas then gradually other prison’s across the nation will also reform following the same practices. The main goal is to lower the prison population and in order to do that the prisoners have t be rehabilitated so that they do not reoffend and return to prison. Perhaps the US should adapt to restorative justice as opposed to deprivation and importation models that clearly are not

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